Walking in the city

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What delights walking in the city frustrates you? The city is there to be manipulated, molded and used, and yet it emerges the same at the end, for no image projected upon it can ever remain since the pedestrians are not static and nor is the space in which they move.

The body and its movements are brough t furth er to the foregr ound, re-embo dying. In effect, the city provides pen, ink and paper and it is the people -- namely the pedestrians -- who provide the story. Elizabeth Grosz argues that bodies and cities co-create one another; bodies build cities but cities in turn shape bodies, physically and socially.

walking in the city

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Critical pers pectives. Cityscap es of modernity: Critiquing the account of body-subject relations posited. Th e Reinvent ion of Nature. Philosophy and Rhetoric. Cultural studies and cultur al value.

Walking in the city
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